10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World

Goliath tigerfish

Before we get going on this list of the most dangerous fish in the world I’m going to tell you what I’m not putting on the list. Firstly, sharks – technically they should be occupying most of the top spots but as I’ve already done a rather excellent article on the most dangerous sharks I’ve … Read more

Most Dangerous Cities in the World – 2019

Slums in Caracas Venezuela

If I was to create a bucket list of places never to go then this list would probably make a good starting point. It has to be said the cities listed do not represent the last word in the most dangerous places on Earth as a number of criteria were used in choosing them. The research only considered … Read more

Worst Natural Disasters by Type

Wildfire / bushfire

Whilst man has proved very effective at killing himself there is still some healthy competition from Mother Nature. The natural world contain any number of potentially deadly animals but the effects of all these put together are almost insignificant when planet Earth itself turns against us. With the exception of war and epidemics nothing kills in numbers … Read more

South America’s Most Dangerous Animals

Golden dart frog

When you think about South America you tend to assume there are plenty of deadly critters out there. A lot of this stems from the fact that the northeastern corner of the continent is dominated by the immense and impenetrable Amazon Jungle. To be honest, it would have been a bit of a challenge to … Read more

The Most Devastating Tsunamis in History


In the modern world there is sometimes a complacency that we have somehow conquered nature. This belief can be destroyed in moments when the planet reminds us this is not the case, and in the most brutal ways. Of all these tsunamis are one of the most terrifying and devastating of all natural disasters. The terms … Read more

The World’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Supervolcano eruption

On the morning of August 27th 1883 the small Indonesian island of Krakatoa virtually destroyed itself in a series of cataclysmic explosions the likes of which have never been witnessed in human history before or since. Not only was the explosion the loudest sound ever recorded, it released 4 times more energy than the most powerful … Read more

Most Dangerous Countries on Earth


As part of the Planet Deadly travel guide I’ve compiled a list of countries for the more adventurous amongst you. As virtually every country on this list is somewhere hot and sunny you can pack your trunks and a flowery shirt. You might also want to back a bullet proof vest as these countries all … Read more